Top-Rated Knife Sharpening Steels

5ee48a80d3e78286533aedc6dfe7cd5bYou might have seen a lot of times what they call as knife sharpening steels, otherwise known as honing steels. It is a metal rod with a handle, which usually comes with a knife set.

As you might have seen in your knives, the steel at its cutting edge is very thin. That’s one of the main qualities that enables it to cut. But it also makes it vulnerable to stresses it was not designed to handle. Like hitting it on a bone or slamming it hard on a cutting board. This causes the edge to bend. And when it does, a knife sharpening steel comes in handy to straighten it out. Here are our top-rated honing steels available on the market.

Top-Rated Sharpening Steel

The WINCO Sharpening Steel is made of stainless steel and its handle measures 5 inches long. Its plastic handle has easy grip and does not slip easily. Moreover, it has a hanging loop to make storage convenient. It has 12-inch sharpening blade, which is long enough for continuous honing. Sure, this one’s a little cheaper than otther competitors, but that doesn’t mean its quality is any low. In fact, it can be at par with more expensive ones.

Top-Rated Branded Sharpening Steel

The Wusthof 10-Inch Sharpening Steel comes from a well-known name, which means quality is not questionable at all. It is constructed from magnetic steel that attracts metal fibers, making sharpening as precise as possible even when you’re doint it manually. It also features a slip-resistant plastic handle that is comfortable to the hand. It has a loop on the handle, so you can just hang it after use. What is reassuring about this product is that you only need a couple of swipes to get a razor-sharp edge, as attested by many buyers.

Top-Rated Knife Sharpener Rod

The Celebrite Knife Sharpener Rod is known for its durability. Made with quality materials, the company is confident to give a lifetime guarantee for it.

The sharpener is built with a soft handle, making it comfortable to the hand. It also has a loop on the handle, so you can hang it if you want to. This is to avoid getting it beaten up by your other utensils in the drawer. It only takes a few glides to bet your knife back to its glorious sharpness.

Top-Rated Inexpensive Honing Steel

The Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 10-Inch Sharpening Steel measures 10 inches long — long enough for even the most massive knife you have in your kitchen. And what makes it really attractive is its handcrafted solid walnut handle that makes you feel homey in the kitchen. To hone, simply hold the steel vertically with the tip pressed against a stable surface. Place a knife on the steel at a 20- to 40-degree angle and draw the blade along the length of the steel, pulling the knife towards you as you go. Handwash this product for longevity and to maintain its classic styling. Finally, use it everytime you have to use your knife. This is to prolong the life of your knives.

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