Best Coffee Brewers for Home Use

coffee-grounds-feature-2-640x0Why do we love coffee so much that it has become part of our morning routine? If you ask a coffee addict noe, she could give you a plenty of reasons. For starter, it is nearly impossible to feel sad while you’re drinking your cup of Joe. In fact, it is even the first thing you think about as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is why a coffee brewer is such a happy greeting right after you’ve got up your bed.

If you’re hunting for that coffee brewer, there are at least a few things you need to consider. And the most important one is your own personal preferences. There are a wide variety of types, brands and even models to choose from, and it can really get confusing when you’re out there in the store. To help you make the best decision, we have compiled the coffee brewers across different types below.

Best Rated Coffee Brewer on the Market

The Cuisinart Extreme Brew Central DCC-2650 is ideal for a family whose members all love their cups of Joe anytime of the day. Yoou will not run out of coffee to sip with it in your kitchen as it can brew up to 12 cups in one go. To be more specific, you can get 60 ounces of coffee if you make a full pot out of it. But if you don’t need that much, you can adjust the machine to make one to four cups. Its versatility is one of its most attractive features. Additionally, it can adjust the strength of your coffee — from regular to bold.

This coffee brewer is equipped with a pause function, which allows you to stop the brewing, fill up yyour cup and resume the brewing process with a push of a button. Additionally, this coffee machine is is equipped with a charcoal water filter to remove the smell and taste of chlorine and other chemicals that your water district might be adding to the stream coming from your kitchen tap. A permanent filter is included for the coffee grounds, but, you can use paper filters. These disposable filters make it easier to clean and add an extra level of protection against the cholesterol in coffee oils, which a permanent filter lets through. However, many coffee drinkers like the fuller flavor of the oils. If you use the built-in filter, it is wise to clean it regularly so that any remaining oils do not take on a rancid flavor.

The DCC-2650 also comes with a built-in clock, which allows you to program it to start brewing your morning coffee at a designated time, so you won’t have to wait for it in the morning. Additionally, it has a handy automatic shut-off function. You can program the timer to keep coffee warm for as long as four hours. You also can program it to turn the device off at any time up to four hours after the coffee has finished brewing. Moreover, it has a useful audible alert once all the coffee that you have planned to brew is done. You get five beeps to let you know that coffee is about ready. Finally, it is built with a “clean” light that flashes when it is time for you to clean it up.

Best Rated Coffee Brewer with Thermal/Glass Carafe

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT makes great coffee, features helpful features and comes with an affordable price tag. For starter, it is equipped with a heating plate that can sense the difference between glass and thermal carafes and self-adjust accordingly. It is also your choice whether you’re going to get a thermal or a glass carafe. This is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker, which means you can prepare the grounds and water the night before, set the clock and then wake up to a tasty pot of coffee.

Just like the Cuisinart coffee brewer above, the Mr. Coffee is equipped with a pause brew function. It also has a water filter that is intended to remove chlorine taste from tap water is available to ensure that your coffee does not end up tasting or smelling different or even disgusting. It reduces the chlorine in the water by as much as 97 percent, but you can opt not to use tap water at all. Moreover, you have a choice whether to use paper filter or the permanent filter that goes with the machine. Note, though, that this coffee brewer is a little big, so you will need some room on your countertop.

Best Rated Drip Coffee Brewer

The Melitta 46894 is a programmable coffee brewer that has a built-in clock, which can be set into a desired time when you want it to start brewing. It also offers three choices of coffee strength, namely: regular, bold and robust. Moreover, it has that pause and serve function that lets you get your cup of coffee before it starts brewing the whole pot again.

This machine has a a cone-shaped basket design, which concentrates the water and the grounds deeply and compresses them for quite a while, allowing gravity to press the hot water down onto the grounds. In addition, you get to choose whether to have the metal mesh permanent filter or purchase disposable paper filter. There is a water-level indicator as well, which comes really convenient in letting you know if you have enough water inside the pot. Finally, this coffee brewer has a one-year warranty from Melitta.

Best Rated Coffee Brewer for  the Money

The Mr. Coffee FTX 41-NP isyet another best rated model from the Mr. Coffee brand. It has an automatic shut-off function that comes really great for people who easily forget things. Its water filter is another helpful addition. This is designed to eliminate chlorine in tap water.

This coffee brewer has a self-cleaning function, a feature that arguably puts it on the top spot of most sought-after coffee machines. Although the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable FTX41-NP coffee maker does not provide every single bell and whistle on the market, it does give you a wide variety of features and comes from a company that has produced reputable products for more than 40 years. If you like a solid, basic and functional appliance for your daily dose of coffee, this is the best model for you.

Best Rated Grills Money can Buy

20120522-grilled-chicken-memorial-day-recipes-18They say, if you can’t find reasons to be happy just by thinking about happiness, bring your mouth to the table. In a split second, you’ll be smiling to yourself, especially when the table’s full of grilled recipes!

Who doesn’t love a plate of barbeque for once in a while? You may even want to have it on the dining table every day! And grills have made it possible for us to cook scrumptuous barbeque and other grilled goods. But are all grills created equal? We don’t think so. In ordder to helo you out with your choices, here are a few suggestions:

Best Rated Inexpensive Gas Grill

The Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 features a control panel on its front, making it easily acccessible. It is also equipped with two stainless steel tables fold down to allow for maneuverability and easy storage. This is a great feature for those who have small patios, decks or balconies. While compact, the grill is also roomy enough to cook a 20-pound turkey or roast meats and vegetables at the same time. Additionally, its cooking grates are porcelain-enameled cast iron, which offer superior heat retention and quick clean up, and the porcelain-enameled shroud will not fade, peel or rust. That makes this grill look like new even when you’ve been using it for several years already.

An Electronic Crossover ignition system lights the two burners with just one touch of the igniter button, and an easy-to-read fuel gauge lets you know where you stand on fuel at all times. Other highlights include six tool hooks, two heavy-duty front-locking casters, and two heavy-duty back swivel casters. Finally, its two stainless steel burners put out 26,500 BTU-per-hour.

Best Rated Gas Grill for Big Parties

Family gatherings definitely need bigger cooking gears, and the Dyna-Glo 5-Burner DGE530BSP-D can handle exactly that. It is a solidly built grill, assuring you longevity of use for the years to come. Moreover, it does not only do the job a grill is intended to do but also offers a few nice extras. It has a spacious 530 square inches of primary cooking area that can fit 24 burgers and a warming tray that can hold up to eight buns.

This Dyna-Glo grill cooked nicely overall, though it retained heat best in the middle and not as much on the sides, which was true of several of gas grill at this price range. But what’s great about it is its propane tank pull-out feature that makes it easy to set up and dismount the propane tank when it’s time to refuel. Additionally, it is equipped with a side burner that is great for cooking up stir-fried vegetables. You can also purchase rotisserie accessories separately. The warranty on the burner is five years, and the parts warranty lasts for one year.

Best Rated Kamado Grill Money can Buy

The Primo 774 Oval Junior is yet another grill to consider, especially when you want something more compact than your regularly rectangle-shaped grills. It features 210-square-inch of cooking surface and up to 360-square-inch if you opt to get the rack extensions. It also offers a cast iron chimney cap, easy-to-read thermometer, reversible cooking grates, stainless steel lower vent door.

Moreover, its unique oval design allows for greater flexibility and versatility. You will be able to cook using both direct and indirect grilling zones without the hassle of a diffuser plate — making grilling and smoking easy affairs. Additionally, Primo’s exclusive flush rack design, you can maximize the use of the Oval’s grilling surface. Reversible grilling racks allows for food to be grilled a different intensities. Primo recommends using its Primo brand Natural Lump Charcoal for best results. Burning cleaner, hotter, and longer, natural lump charcoal produces less ash than briquette style charcoal. It’s also quick and easy to light.

Best Rated Premium Grill

The Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS Natural Gas Grill proves that you get high quality for a high price, and it is all worth it. And you have the option to get either the model that uses natural gas or that of the propane gas. The advantage, though, of the former choice is that once you have the natural-gas pipeline installed, you no longer have to worry about running to the closest gas station to fill up your depleted propane tank. This comes annoyingly inconvenient when you’re in the middle of a BBQ party!

This Napoleon gas grill features an electronic ignition on the front of the unit. its JETFIRE ingnition system is what makes it fast enough to heat up, which allows you to start grilling immediately. This is because it is equipped with electronic ignitions, which are an efficient way to get the flame going. This requires a battery, though, that needs to be replaced occasionally. When it comes to the grilling space, it is, in fact, satisfactory. You can fit 20 burgers in one go. It is also fitted with a warming station that is perfect for melting cheese or keeping vegetables warm. There is also an infrared grill at the back that you can use for slow-roasting meat.

Best Rice Cookers to Buy in 2016

Rice CookerDespite its name, a rice cooker can actually do more than to cook you rice. In fact, it is a very convenient kitchen appliance that can cook a variety of foods. In principle, it can also be considered as a slow cooker, but without the whistles that come with modern slow cookers.

Even if you have the most basic rice cooker, one with just two settings, ou can actually trick it to make more than what has been intended for it to make. For example, you can use it to make the perfectly boiled egg. It can cook many eggs at once and producing easy-to-peel eggs. The rice cooker, admittedly, won’t save you any time over just doing it on the stove, but it’s pretty hands-off. Also, technically, the eggs aren’t boiled, they’re steamed, but eggs will come out like soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs in the rice cooker.

So, if you are in the hunt for a rice cooker, below are a few suggestions.

Best Large Rice Cooker

The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 is worth the investment. This premier rice maker doubles as a steamer and includes cake menu settings for baking cakes and brownies. It does look flawless as well. Its egg-shape gives it a smooth, futuristic look, and its picnic style handle makes it easy to transport.

This particular model holds up to 5.5 cups of uncooked rice and makes 11 fully cooked cups of rice, enough to feed a large family. By utilizing fuzzy logic technology, it compensates for even the slightest mistakes in measurement, adjusts throughout cooking, and keeps the rice fluffy and consistent during the cooling phase. The model includes settings beyond a normal rice steamer, offering you the option to choose the grain of rice and your desired texture. It also has many additional features that make it worth more than its price. It has  both a unique reheating function and a delayed timer, allowing you to choose when cooking begins and when you’d like the rice to be ready. It comes with a steaming basket, a rice measuring cup, a non-stick rice spatula and a spatula holder.

Best Digital Rice Cooker

The Panasonic SR-DE103 is one of those rice cookers that boast advanced technology behind its hood. Its advanced options that will surely make your kitchen life a lot easier. Its interior pot can hold five cups of uncooked rice and yield 10 cups fully cooked.

While it’s not as aesthetically sleek as other models, this Panasonic rice cooker can perform at par with the best rice cookers on the market. The fuzzy logic micro-computer adjusts to all conditions, making perfect, fluffy rice that is consistent throughout the pot. The menu includes separate options for white, brown and sticky rice, and there are additional options for steaming, slow cooking and cakes. The delayed timer gives you the capability of setting the machine up to 24-hours in advance. This is one of the longest delays on the market. The power cord is detachable, and the unit itself is light, making it very portable. Included are  steam tray, a rice measuring cup and a serving spatula.

Best 2-in-1 Rice Cooker

The Aroma Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer can help you out with a lot of things in the kitchen. With just a press of a button, you can serve restaurant-quality rice, healthy steamed meals, and even delicious one-pot dishes.

This convenient cooker’s compact capacity perfectly cooks 2 to 8 cups of any variety of rice with specialized functions for both white and brown rice. Once the rice has finished, it will automatically switch to Keep-Warm, so if you ever forgot you were cooking rice, it will do the work of keeping it warm for you until you’re ready to serve it on the table. Moreover, you can do two things at the same time with this appliance. The Steam Tray allows for healthy steaming of meats and vegetables, even as rice cooks below. It’s also suitable for oatmeal, chili, jambalaya, and soups, among others.

Best Premium Rice Cooker

If it is perfectly-cooked rice that you want, it is the Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT you must get. It is an intelligent rice cooker; it is built with a microchip that automatically calculates and adjusts cooking times and temperatures for different types of rice: everything from the pre-soaking of grains to the steaming of rice. There’s also a thermal sensor at the bottom of the inner pan that is activated once you selected a cooking option. And this is a fuzzy logic type of rice cooker, so it can ensure you the the rice will be cooked perfectly. Moreover, you can expect no burned rice at the bottom of the pan, thanks to its heating system that provides even heating.

The types of rice that this appliance can cook include white rice, brown rice, sweet rice, mixed rice, sushi, and porridge. With just a press of a button, you get to cook a wide variety of rice, and days when you barely have enough time to cook, there’s a “Quick Cooking” option that makes things more convenient.

Best Premium Slow Cookers on the Market

slow-cooker-recipes-04-ssIs it possible to maximize the nutrition you get from your meals even when you don’t have enough time to rigorously prepare and cook? With a slow cooker, it definitely is. All you need to do is prepare all the ingredients and throw them all in the slow cooker. This appliance will do the rest of the work with little to no supervision at all. As a matter of fact, experts believe that foods cooked in a slow cooker have more flavor because of the longer cooking time. It can also retain more nutrient content than any other way of cooking.

A slow cooker can also help you limit or even totally eliminate your consumption of processed foods. As a result, you will be reducing your intake of sodium, calories and bad fat. Instead of fast food meals, you can replicate them — healthier versions at that — using a slow cooker.

Best Rated Premium Slow Cooker

The 360 Cookware Gourmet Slow Cooker is one of a few advanced models out there. With the ability to cook without water or oil and also offering wonderful energy-saving benefits, this gourmet slow cooker has earned the trust of many home cooks. Its solid stainless steel construction for its lid and pot and the design of the heating element on the base  allow for energy-saving use when compared to the typical slow cooker, making it a real investment for your kitchen needs.

This slow cooker can definitely handle all the basic cooking jobs that an entry-level model can. In addition, you can brown meats on medium heat with the lid off, and benefit from the expanded heat settings the variable control knob offers. Moreover, the three-layer stainless steel construction allows you to use the pot and lid in your oven or on your stove, creating a very versatile kitchen appliance.

Bottom line: With a heating knob that allows for more control than just a high/medium/low setting, beautiful and durable stainless steel, the ability to brown meats and the versatility to use in your oven and on your stove, you can look pass the price. This is one slow cooker that is tough to beat.

Best Premium Slow Cooker for the Money

The KitchenAid KSC6222SS has a unique design that has set it apart from the crowd. For one, it has a hinged lid that allows you to open the lid from both sides of the pot. This helps minimize heat loss in the pot while providing an easy one-hand serving option. In fact, this is one of the reasons customers have rated it high on Amazon.

Additionally, its oval-shaped insert is capable of cooking up pretty much anything — from a pot roast to a whole chicken. This is thanks to the spacious room of the six-quart insert, which is in itself made of ceramic. In addition, this slow cooker is equipped with four temperature settings: low, medium, high and keep warm. It has a digital display panel that gives you the options to choose different temperature settings and to adjust the timer at a 30-minute increment. Finally, the ceramic insert and the lid are both dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Best Affordable Premium Slow Cooker

The 6-quart Hamilton Beach 33969A Set ‘n Forget is the perfect companion if you have a large family to feed at the dinner table or you do receive guests in your home often. It can hold a 6 pound chicken or a 4 pound cut of meat. With this size, you’d be able to serve at least five people generously.

The outside base of the unit is made of  stainless steel and comes with a black removable stoneware insert, which can be lifted out from the base and brought to your table to be used as a serving dish, in case you don’t want to add another dish in the dishwasher pile. Moreover, the lip tight gasket lid reduces messy spills while full grip handles allow you to transport heavy meals easily.

There are three cooking modes you can choose from: program (set cooking time), meat probe (cooks meat to desired internal temperature), and manual. And yet the best feature about this slow cooker is this:  you can change the temperature during the cooking cycle without the need to reset the cooking time. The freedom to choose which mode will work best for what you’re cooking allows you and the slow cooker to better accommodate what’s on your menu and your time schedule.

Best Manual Premium Slow Cooker

One of the best recommended manual slow cookers on the market is the Crock-Pot SCR151-WG. Since it is very small, it is just the pefect slow cooker for particular dishes, such as dips and small soups.

One of its best feature that other buyers like is the fact that it heats up super fast, saving you a lot of wait time. Cleaning it is a breeze as well, thanks to its dishwasher-safe parts. It is also built with integrated side handles so you can take its removable stoneware pot from the kitchen counter to your dining table without getting your hands burned. Included in the box is a recipe book with 25 recipes for you to get started.

Best Slow Cookers Money Can Buy

crock-pot-soup-2editedSlow cookers can help you save money. They are great for cooking cheaper cuts like pork shoulders, chicken thighs, beef brisket and lamb shoulders. In fact, you can use less meat when you cook; slow cooker can bring out stronger meat flavor than any other cooking appliance.

Another great thing about slow cookers is that you can trim your fat intake. For one, you don’t need to add oil whenyou use a slow cooker. If your meat has a lot of fat, you have to trim it off as well if you don’t want a pool of oil if you’re cooking stew. Additionally, since the liquid doesn’t reduce in a slow cooker because of the tight lid, it also doesn’t thicken. Finally, slow cookers want to work alone, so you can leave them alone and do other things you have to do.

Best Manual Slow Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go slow cooker may not have the frills of some cookers, but it can be as reliable still. It is very simple to use with is simple rotary setting temperature selector on the front that allows you to select either High, Low or Warm cooking temperature. As its name suggests, expect it to lack any automated features as there is no timer. If you can deal with that, this cooker proves to be of value.

What sets it apart from other cookers of its class, though, is its efficiently designed single snap shut clasp on its lid that holds the lid shut when transporting in order to prevent leakage or spillage. There are also two fold down heavy-duty handles that lift up when you are ready to put it down on the dining table. It hasa capacity of seven quarts, making it ideal for big families and large parties.

Best Oblong-Shaped Slow Cooker

The West Bend 84905 is a unique slow cooker; it can be used as a griddle because its contaiber can sit upon a separate heating element. It is oblong-shaped, which make it great for cooking a whole turkey or chicken. It also has a capacity of 5 quarts, perfect for the average family. The heating base, which has an adjustable 5 position temperature selector, can double as a non-stick griddle. The cooker measures 8.75 x 7.25 x 12.75 inches so it takes up little space on the worktop.

The glass top of the cooker comes in handy when you need to check on your cooking. Both the lid and the Teflon-made container are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a walk in the park. Additionally, its high power allows for cooking other than just slow cooking and it is not so badly affected by lifting the lid to stir the food which can add as much as twenty minutes on to the cooking time.

Best Portable Slow Cooker

If you need something that can be easily carried around, then check out the Hamilton Beach 33967A Set ‘n Forget. The Hamilton Beach 33967A has all the features that a good slow cooker must have. For starter, it has three ways of automatic cooking, namely: program, probe and manual mode. This gives you much versatility that most high-end cookers offer. When using the Program mode, you select either low or high cooking temperature and the cooker will do its job alone. After the cooking time expires and the clock has counted down, it automatically switches to warm mode. This ensures the food remains warm and ready to serve without the worry of over-cooking.

But the best feature of this cooker is the Probe mode. This is great for cooking large pieces of meat where getting the internal temperature just right is essential. For example, you have to cook large pork roasts or chicken, this mode is the most ideal to use to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked. The attached thermometer probe is inserted into the food and the cooker monitors the probe’s temperature whilst cooking progresses. When the probe reaches a preset temperature, the cooker switches over to warm to maintain the conditions and keep the food ready to serve. The third method of cooking is to use manual mode whereby you can set the timing and the temperature you want. Only use this when you are there to supervise the cooker.

Best Rated Slow Cookers Money Can Buy

Italian-Beef-Casserole2Slow cookers are arguably the best kitchen appliance that money can buy. They are not only convenient, economical and affordable, but also promote healthy living. With slow cookers, you don’t need to worry about losing all the nutritional value of your food ingredients. But these are not the only benefits you get if you have a low cooker.

One of the the best selling point of a slow cooker is the ease of cooking it provides. You only need to prepare the ingredients and leave everything else to this kitchen monster. For many dishes, particularly soups and stews, you really can just throw all the ingredients in. Additionally, if you are short on time in the morning, you can prepare everything you need for your slow-cooked breakfast the night before. You can warm it up for 20 minutes the next morning. That means you won’t need to skip breakfast anymore.

So, if you want to have a slow cooker sitting right on your kitchen counter, here are three you can consider.

Best-Rated Large Slow Cooker

The Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS is one of the most advanced slow cookers on the market; it boasts touchscreen controls for programming timers. The basic functionality of this feature is that you can set the countdown timer anywhere between 30 minutes and 24 hours of cooking time. And since it has a large capacity with its big footprint of 16.5 x 12.2 inches, it is the perfect kitchen companion for large families and gatherings.

What’s great about this cooker is that you don’t need to slave over it. You can leave it alone and let it do the rest of the work. Just set the time, and when he countdown display reaches zero the cooking will stop and the cooker will transition from High to Warm in order to keep the food warm and not let it over cook or go cold. The Keep Warm mode stays on for up to six hours before the cooker shuts down. A counter displays how long the food has been in the warm cycle and will display up to six hours in one minute increments.

Best Rated Slow Cooker for the Money

The Waring Pro WSC650 is a great cooker for families. It has the standard three temperature settings that provide versatility in cooking, namely: high, low and keep warm. Its timer an be selected to run for up to 12 hours on any of the temperature setting. As with other programmable models, after the cooking time is finished the Waring will automatically switch to warm. This keeps the food at the correct temperature for serving without overcooking.

Its intuitive controls are easy to use.  Both the timer and the heat selector are plain old rotary selector switches. When it comes to cleaning the whole thing, it is as breezy as it can be. Both the container and the lid can be safely put in the dishwasher. The Waring Pro WSC650 is a very good basic appliance that cooks well without any of the frills.

Best Rated Programmable Slow Cooker

If the manual slow cooker does not appeal to you, check out the Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Cook & Carry Slow Cooker. It is a perfect choice for a family of up to seven people even when they’ve got appetites. It is also equipped with digital display timer that you can set to cook for 30 minutes up to 24 hours. After it reaches the cook time you have set, it will automatically switch to warm-only mode.

In addition to its digital timer, is portable  and has a clampdown sealable gasket to prevent spills when you move it from the counter to the dining table. It is built with two sturdy carrying handles as well. This means you no longer need to use other containers for transporting the cooked food as the inner removable oval stoneware can act as a presentable table-serving dish. The stoneware dish is also very energy efficient and will keep the food warmer longer than a stainless steel or aluminum dish.


Best Portable Slow Cookers on the Market

Red-Bean-Sweet-Potato-Stew-RU239890On a cold day, the first thing  that comes to mind is the thought of a hot bowl of soup. How nice it would be to come to a creamy casserole or a bubbling stew after a hard day’s work! This is when a slow cooker is a real must-have in the kitchen.

Cooking in a slow cooker isn’t only for having tasty and flavorful meals, but is also an economically smart choice, if you ask us. You can use tougher cuts of meat, which tend to be cheaper in price. And just because you’re saving time and money doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing taste. Vegetables cooked in a slow cooker can absorb stocks and spices, giving them fuller flavors.

Here are our picks of slow cookers you may want to consider.

Best Portable Manual Slow Cooker

If you don’t need all the frills that come with premium slow cookers, check out the manual Crock-Pot SCCPVL600S Cook’ N Carry. Because this is manual, you have to supervise its cooking time. If that’s not a deal breaker for you, then this cooker is a real value for money. For starter, it comes with three cooking operation settings, which are high, warm, and low that have to be manually set using the rotary switch found on the front of the appliance.

And what makes it a good cooker is the fact that you can move it from the countertop to the dining table without spilling its content. This is thanks to its sealing gasket that seals the lid tight against the bowl. The clamps are there though for transportation only and should not be closed during cooking. You really cannot get any simpler than the Crock-Pot 600S to use. There simply aren’t any controls to set other than the temperature setting.

Best Slow Cooker for Small Family

If you don’t necessarily need a large pot, then the 3.5-quart Cuisinart PSC-350 is right up your alley, as it is designed to accommodate a single person or a small family. It is a programmable slow cooker that has touch pad control with a front panel LED timer display. Its countdown timer can be set from 0 to 24 hours cooking time, and it has four settings, namely: High, Low, Simmer and Warm. Once it has finished cooking, it automatically sets the cooking to Warm mode up to eight hours. After the alloted time, the Cuisinart will bleep five times before completely shutting down.

Both the ceramic pot and the glass lid are washable in either warm soapy water or in a dishwasher. The outer housing can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Thus, you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning it for your next cooking need.

Best Portable Slow Cooker for the Money

The Crock-Pot SCCPCTS605-S Cook Travel Serve features a temperature indicator that comes in really handy when you need to be sure of the temperature level of what you’re cooking. The gauge style display on the front panel goes from Red to yellow and has an indicator that shows at a quick glance the temperature status. The cooking time has four settings: four to six hours on High and eight and 10 hours on Low.

Another great addition of this slow cooker is its “Heatsaver” feature on its Stoneware crock. It can maintain optimum serving temperature for approximately 30% longer than its predecessor, the Crockpot 610-PS. This makes it more energy efficient, and it maintains the food temperature longer when traveling. All in all, even when it doesn’t have mush frills, it is still a good buy when compared to other models from the Crock-Pot series of slow cookers.

Top-Rated Slow Cookers for the Money

6017001_DTSCR1120Do you have days when all you want is to come home with your food ready? And it’s not just any food; it’s tasty, mouth-watering, and healthy. If you are a health-conscious, a slow cooker is definitely the kitchen appliance you need.

Because mainly fresh ingredients cooked at a low temperature for a long period of time, expect nutrition-rich and nautral juices from your vegetables and meats are retained for you to benefit from. It is also a time-saver. You don’t need long hours to get done with your slow-cooked food. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients. The slow-cooker will then do everything that needs to be done while you do other things.

So, if you are in the hunt for a slow cooker on the market, here are a few suggestions.

Top-Rated Multi Slow Cooker

The Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central is all you need for all one-pot meals you crave for. It is the perfect choice for a large family and big parties, as it comes in an oval 6-quart configuration that measures in at a whopping 9.5 x 12 x 19 inches. This is why you need a big space on your countertop for it.

This Cuisinart slow cooker is equipped with a glass lid that allows you to check your meal without having to lift up the lid and risk getting burned. It also has a steaming rack that allows the food ingredients to be elevated for a better steaming position. Its non-stick six-quart cooking pot is also a great addition. Moreover, it has three programmable cooking functions that let you saute vegetables, brown meat or slow cook a whole meal for the family. With its LCD display panel, you can djust time and temperature to either minutes or hours and up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet another great feature is that this slow cooker automatically go into warm mode once the cooking is complete. It works for up to eight hours before automatically shutting down. This slow cooker from Cuisinart is one of the outstanding products in the slow cooker range and will be a very good choice  for your money.

Top-Rated Manual Slow Cooker

You’ll find flexibility in your time with the Crock Pot SCR450-PT. With its ample size of 4.5 quarts, you can cook meals for yp to 5 people, making it perfect for the average family. It cooks on high or low setting, depending on the recipe you’re working on. If you’re not going to have your meal right after the slow cooker is done, you can set in in “Warm” and it will keep your food at the ideal tepmperature until you’re ready to serve it on the dining table.

When its time for cleaning, you don’t need to fret. Its removable stoneware and glass lid are both dishwasher-safe. Finally, this particular slow cooker comes with a recipe booklet in the box to help you get started.

Top-Rated Digital Slow Cooker

The West Bend 84966 Versatility lives up to its name as it offers you the versatility you need in the kitchen. It doesn’t even hurt that the cooker looks so modern and stylish that it would look good on any countertop. One of its selling points, though, is its programmable timer and electronic controls. It also eatures a 6 Quart cooking bowl with a tempered glass lid that is freezer, oven and stove safe. With three temperature settings with an option to switch to griddle cooking, it really does provide sufficient versatility.

The slow cooker uses a countdown timer with an automatic shut off after 24 hours. The cooking pot is oval or oblong shaped instead of being round like the traditional slow cookers. In the package is also a recipe book to get you started quickly. The West Bend 84966 is protected by a one year limited warranty, which helps to ensure that you’re going to get a slow cooker that’s going to last.

Top-Rated Slow Cooker for the Money

The Hamilton Beach 33461 Stay or Go is a portable slow cooker for a family out-of-town getaway. Just chop up the ingredients, drop it into the cooker, shut the lid tight and set the time and cooking temperature. A hot delicious meal will be ready for you in no time. he large stoneware pot is a 6-quart container, which makes its ideal to make enough for an average family.

The hinged lid stays upright and foldable handles snap shut for an ergonomic design that makes it easy to transport. Its design also reduces messy spills by locking and sealing the lid tightly onto the pot using a single secure latch. it is also equipped with three settings of high, low and warm temperatures to ensure that you can make all kinds of meals from meat to tasty vegetarian dishes . Food cooked earlier in the day can be reused right from from the stoneware pot by using the keep warm setting.

Best Pellet Grills Under $1000

QF0109_asian-spiced-rubbed-ribs_s4x3Pellet grills work through the use of pellets, which are basically compressed sawdust and wood shavings. These pellets are fed into a hopper. They move into a burn pot via an auger. The smoke produced by this process is what bathes the food with heat and cook it for your much desired barbeque.

With almost all pellet smokers, the heat is indirect. The advantage of this is that you can cook larger cuts of meat or larger quantities of meat for long cook times at lower temperatures, which results to perfectly cooked food. Getting your Pellet smoker lit and ready is a pretty straightforward process. Simply make sure your hopper is full of wood smoking pellets, flip the on switch, set your temperature, and let the process begin. If this is what you’re looking for, then check out the different pellet grills we recommend below.

Best Wood Pellet Grill

The REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill boasts a company-exclusive Smart Grill Technology that maintains precise temperature from 180ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments. With this, you are rest assured that your meat ingredients will be evenly cooked. In fact, using this pellet grill will give you meat that is so tender and flavorful.

With a great pellet grill comes great customer service from the company. If you would check out the reviews on Amazon, you’ll find out how accommodating the people in this company are. They’ll answer questions and help you out when you find issues with the grill. Now that’s a great value for your money.

Best Premium Pellet Grill

The Smoke-N-Hot Pro Pellet Grill boasts a full cart cabinet, a redesigned grease capture system, and a blue LED control panel for better outdoor visibility. With this grill, you also get more control on temperature and better flavoring. Working with it is as easy as pushing the Smart Start button on the digital control panel to set the desired cooking temperature between 180 and 650 degrees Moreover, it has a 23-pound capacity pellet hopper that makes an all-day cookin possible.

This grill is equipped with lavor Dome system combined with precise digital controls and the included meat probe — tis combination is great for accurate food cooking temperature, which in turn allows you to  sear, smoke, and bake outdoors. The Porcelain Enamel on all heated surfaces helps prevent rust, making maintenance a easy breezy work. Smoke-N-Hot Grills Offers a five-year limited warranty on this product against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Electronics and electrical components carry a 2-year replacement warranty when subjected to normal residential use.

Best Rated Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Myron Mixon Pitmaster Q3 is nothing short of remarkable. It features an auger and fan which holds a consistent temperature so you can cook without being tied to your grill. Simply load the wood pellets, select your desired temperature and let your food cook. Temperature ranges from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The auger is placed in the center of the grill, which allows even heat across the 644-square-inch cooking surface with no hot spots. Additionally, it has a 15-pound capacity wood pellet hopper that makes it possible for you to cook for 15 hours without interruption.

This grill includes  an integrated water pan. Just install a standard aluminum loaf pan (available at most grocery stores), then add your favorite juice or water. The liquid will steam food as it cooks, keeping food moist and tender while infusing additional flavors. Cleaning ashes isn’t hard with this grill as well. Use a brush to push the ashes over the ash tray grate at the bottom of the inside of the grill, then pull out the ash tray to empty it. Additionally, this grill s constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel for protection against rust. A convenient side shelf provides workspace while cooking, and the grill cart is equipped with a bottom shelf for more storage and casters for easy mobility.

Best Compact Pellet Grill

Check out the Traeger Lil Tex Pro Pellet Grill. This is the perfect choice if you have limited backyard space. Modeled after the popular Texas Grill, this version is slightly more portable, while still providing all of the most popular features. Updated with a bronze, logo-stamped lid, hopper lid, and smokestack cover, the Pro Series keeps everything good about the original Traeger grills, but adds all the amenities you would definitely appreciate.

This grill is constructed of durable powder coated steel, and boasts 20,000 BTUs of cooking power. It also has 577 square inches of porcelain coated grilling surface produce excellent sear marks, while being easy to clean. Moreover, it is equipped with a removable grill shelf to add another 30 inches of grill space over just the main grates. Also, there’s the dual meat probe thermometer built in, to give you perfect temperature readings on two items at once. Lastly, the Pro Series adds a clean out to the hopper, allowing you to quickly change the smoke flavor of the pellets while grilling.Traeger warrants against any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of this grill for three years. Using any brand of pellets other than Traeger brand hardwood pellets, though, will void this warranty.

Best Rice Cookers Money Can Buy

51bc1ea3d9127e2e1b0004e9._w.540_s.fit_If you really want to make the most out of the money you’re going to spend on a rice cooker, you have to put some serious thought into the model you are going to purchase. If you have never used a rice cooker before, the first you need to know is to learn the basics: how does a rice cooker work?

A rice cooker is a small appliance that has an inner pot and an outer vessel that holds that pot. At the bottom of the outer vessel is a heating plate, which starts to cook the content of the inner pot once the appliance is plugged in. From there, everything is quite simple: put the rice and the right amount of water, cover it and just wait for the rice to be ready to be served.

With this in mind, here are a few of our suggested rice cookers that will be worth your money.

Best Electric Rice Cooker

Whether you’re cooking brown, short grain, jasmine or plain old white rice, the Oster 4722 is the perfect unit to do the job. It is also the right size for almost everyone, whether you’ve got a small family, you’re living alone, or you just love having guests often. This is an on/off appliance with one button to turn on. You just need to switch it to start cooking. When it is done cooking rice, it will automatically set to warm mode. Although it does not have an advanced technology, you can still measure rice and water properly to produce tasty rice.

This unit does more than what it has been mainly designed for, though. It allows you to cook pasta or steam your vegetables or fish. In fact, you can use it as a two-in-one gadget: you can steam while slow cooking rice. Its pan is non-stick so you can easily clean it after. It also comes with a fuse protector that prevents over-heating. It is especially useful if you want to keep your rice warm for a few hours. It is also built with a retractable cord.

Best Premium Rice Cooker

The Tiger JAH-T18U Micom is one of the most popular rice cookers in Japan, and that is saying a lot. We know that quality matters so much for the Japanese. You can cook different types of rice with this unit. All you need to do is select the very rice-cooking program you need with a single button, and then delicious and nutritious cooked rice is ready for dinner.

The Tiger rice cooker features a spherical inner pan. The advantage of such pan is that the heater heats more evenly and the rice will be cooked perfectly. Moreover, here is no significant gap which could trap rice bits in the pan. The inner pan of this rice cooker is coated with Far-infrared ray coating, which prevents cooked rice from sticking at the bottom of the pan.  There’s also a timer function that lets you set the cooker, say before you go to sleep and wake up to it having done its job. The inner lid of this rice cooker is removable, making it easy for you to clean after use.

Best Rice Cooker for Large Family

If you are serious about eating rice everyday like the Asian people or you want the best-tasting brown rice ever, then the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 is worth the investment. This premier rice maker doubles as a steamer and includes cake menu settings for baking cakes and brownies. It does look flawless as well. Its egg-shape gives it a smooth, futuristic look, and its picnic style handle makes it easy to transport.

This particular model holds up to 5.5 cups of uncooked rice and makes 11 fully cooked cups of rice, enough to feed a large family. By utilizing fuzzy logic technology, it compensates for even the slightest mistakes in measurement, adjusts throughout cooking, and keeps the rice fluffy and consistent during the cooling phase. The model includes settings beyond a normal rice steamer, offering you the option to choose the grain of rice and your desired texture. It also has many additional features that make it worth more than its price. It has  both a unique reheating function and a delayed timer, allowing you to choose when cooking begins and when you’d like the rice to be ready. It comes with a steaming basket, a rice measuring cup, a non-stick rice spatula and a spatula holder.

Best Digital Rice Cooker on the Market

The Panasonic SR-DE103 is one of your few best choices if you’re looking for a rice cooker that has just the right capacity for a single person or for a small family. For one, it offers advanced options that will surely make your kitchen life a lot easier. Its interior pot can hold five cups of uncooked rice and yield 10 cups fully cooked.

While it’s not as aesthetically sleek as other models, this Panasonic rice cooker can perform at par with the best rice cookers on the market. The fuzzy logic micro-computer adjusts to all conditions, making perfect, fluffy rice that is consistent throughout the pot. The menu includes separate options for white, brown and sticky rice, and there are additional options for steaming, slow cooking and cakes. The delayed timer gives you the capability of setting the machine up to 24-hours in advance. This is one of the longest delays on the market. The power cord is detachable, and the unit itself is light, making it very portable. Included are  steam tray, a rice measuring cup and a serving spatula.