Best Rated Electric Grills on the Market

grill-1340231_640While some of us love their grills that either use gas or pellets, there are others who want the convenience of electric-powered ones. Electric grills basically use hot coils to generate heat, and they are often made from nickel and chromium called nichrome. How do they work exactly? When a current is passed through it the nichrome resist the flow, gets hot, and glows.

What do you look for when buying one? Here are some features you need to consider:

  • Easy Start. It doesn’t make sense that the grill is an electric one if it doesn’t start fast after you plug it in. It must be up to the right temperature after five minutes or so after you throw the switch on.
  • Temperature Control. Electric grills must come with a turn dial that lets you control the temperature. If you want to up the drill, you can pay more for one that is built with actual thermostats wih temperature settings.
  • Size. This depends on your kitchen space and how large you would want your grill to be. But, generally, electric grills are small enough to fit on tiny balconies and porches.

With these in mind, here are a few electric grills you may want to check out.

Best Rated Electric Grill for the Money

The Fire Magic E250s Electric Grill On Patio Post is a reliable grill constructed from high-quality stainless steel that has the appealing look of contemporary styling. It has a rich set of features you will surely appreciate, which includes the following:

  • Heat Capability. This grill can reach a temperature of up to 725 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it has a triple wall insulated body and double wall lid for maximum heat concentration.
  • Cooking Temperature that includes precision thermostatic control system. This technology helps keep the internal temperature within 20 degrees of the desired setting. It also includes a meat probe that allows you to  monitor the internal temperature of your food. It has an alarm as well that sounds when the desired temperature is reached.
  • Easy Cleanup. This is thanks to its removable warming rack and dripping tray. Its heating element tilts up, too, for making cleaning a real breeze.
  • Warranty. It comes with a 10-year warranty for its  stainless steel grid and housing. All of its parts, except for the ignition and electronic components, are warrantied for three years. Ignition systems (except batteries) and electronic components, including lights and thermometers, are warranted for a year.

Best Rated Electric BBQ Grill

The Meco 9325 Electric BBQ Grill features a thermostat control with a low-medium-high setting. It is also built with a sturdy cart with wire lower-shelf used for extra storage. But here’s another added feature that we love: the two handy, fold-away wooden side tables that come in really helpful when you’re grilling a lot of foods.

Additionally, this grill is constructed with three-element positions, including vertical for indirect rotisserie cooking. It has a reflector pan as well that directs heat to the cooking surface and a pre-assembled hood and bowl. This Meco electric grill has a 200 square inches of usable cooking surface. Finally, the grill is warranted against defects for 90 days from your date of purchase and one year for its electrical parts.

Best Rated Portable Electric Grill

The Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill is the perfect grill for people in the city, thanks to its portability.  It offers 189 square inches of cooking space to create the grilled foods you love, without the need for propane tanks or charcoal. It is also the ideal companion for tailgating and camping.

This 1560 watt/120 volt Weber outdoor electric grill features infinite heat control settings on one easy-to-use knob and a porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate. It also has a cast aluminum lid and body with a sturdy glass-reinforced nylon frame and handles. Additionally, it is built with aluminum heat retention liners to keep heat from escaping and to help spread the heat evenly across the grill surface. A 6-foot grounded cord and removable grease catch pan are included as well. Finally, the aluminum castings, lid assembly and stainless steel burners are warranted for a period of five years, with two years on paint excluding fading or discoloration. The stainless steel burners, plastic components and porcelain-enamel cast iron cooking grates are warranted for five years as well. All other remaining parts are warranted for two years.

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