Best High-End Gas Grills on the Market

barbecue-933002_640If you are looking for a new gas grill, chance is that you want to get the most out of the money you’re going to pay for it. There are a lot of offerings on the market, and it can be tricky to pick just one. The first way to narrow down your choices is to set a budget, even when you are aiming for the expensive ones. Once you know your budget, you can then list down the features you would want your grill to have.

The gas grills below belong to the expensive side of the spectrum. Many of them are sold with a wide range of extra options, and that what sets them apart from other grills. Just remember: don’t get less than what you are willing and able to pay for. Make your every penny worth it.

Best Rated High-End Gas Grill

The Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon E1060S is one of the most elaborate gas grills on the market. At such an expensive price tag, it does come so beautiful in either indoor or outdoor kitchen. It’s flashy and loaded with high-end features. And this particular model is intended to accommodate large families and parties. It has over 1,000 square inches of primary grilling space and seven burners under the hood. There’s also the side burner unit that comes in a number of configurations. The construction of this gas grill is solid 304 stainless steel with all welded seams and a high degree of attention to detail is evident even from afar.

This gas grill has a maximum output of 120,000 BTUs. It has some impressive features worth mentioning as well. For one, it uses an ignition that Fire Magic wants to call hot surface ignition, in which tiny electric heat elements ignite the gas the second you turn the knob and make sure that the burners stay lit. Moreover, while most gas grills find it difficult to reach searing temperatures without turning all the burners at the same time, the E1060S is different. Because of its divided cooking chamber, you can reach the perfect searing temperature even when you’re only using one of its burners.

The E1060S comes with a hood mounted window option so you can watch food cooking without lifting the lid. This high temperature glass allows you to look inside the grill. Finally, what really makes this grill stand out is its construction, which is among the best yet in the industry.

Best Gas Grill on the Market

The Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series 42 is one of the best-designed grills on the market. Its classic styling is sure to turn heads and make a kitchen more sophisticated than ever. But it isn’t all about the looks. For starter, it ses high-temperature ceramic briquettes as a barrier to distribute heat and burn off grease. Moreover, its high-quality 304 stainless steel is seamlessly welded together to keep heat in and the elements out. This is what makes this unit as durable as possible, so expect no discoloration or deterioration anytime soon.

This 42-inch wide gas grill is a monster with 800 square inches and three 25,000 BTU burners. Such space and burner options give you a wide range of grilling tasks, which come in really handy when you’re serving a big family or a large party crowd. This unit also comes with a full function, two position rotisserie system that lets you control the distance to the burner.

Its stainless steel hexagonal cooking grates maximize contact between metal and meat, giving you much closer restaurant-style searing marks. These heavy-duty cooking grates are unique to the industry and heavy enough to hold a lot of heat. This makes this grill one of the best cooking systems in the world.

Best Gas Grill for a Big Crowd

The Capital CG40RFSL Precision Series is the true definition of innovation in the grilling equipment industry. It combines power and function with technology and design. This unit has a distinctive styling built on the foundation of excellent construction. And it isn’t disappointing to look at, whether you’ll be building it inside your kitchen or outdoors.

The cooking system of this grill doesn’t disappoint at all, thanks to the tremendous power that it is capable of. While the burners are pretty standard tubular stainless steel, the heavy stainless steel cooking grates give you fantastic heat transfer. More so, these grates are reversible and can be set at an angle to drain grease away from the burners. The high heat output of the burners combined with a finely adjustable infrared sear burner means you can sear steaks while grilling delicate fish fillets. This particular model is mounted on a cart with a great deal of storage space including two drawers. Finally, as it comes with expensive gas grills, this one provides a variety of mounting options and with several accessories.

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