Best Coffeemakers Money Can Buy

coffee_rotatorFor many people, coffee is fuel that drives them to survive the day. In fact, a cup may not be even enough, and mornings aren’t the only time to sip one.

While the quality of your coffee relies heavily on the quality of the coffee beans, a coffeemaker does play a role in how good your coffee is as well. And if you’re one of those who want to own one, you may be left scratching your head as you go through the very wide selection of coffee machines. To prevent the migraine, we help you narrow down your choices into just four coffeemakers. Check them out below.

Best Rated Coffeemaker on the Market

The Bonavita BV1900TS is the one coffeemaker you’d really want to add to your wishlist, and it is not hard to enumerate the reasons. Ever since it was released on the market, it has won the hearts of many coffee lovers. Although at first glance you may get the impression that this appliance won’t do much, it will prove you wrong once you start using it. Sure, it doesn’t have mmuch whistles on it like LCD panels and blinking LED-lit buttons. In fact, it is only equipped with just one button — its on-and-off switch. Its appearance is also very industrial looking, which would probably make it a little dull-looking on the countertop. But its usability can top even the expensive-looking coffeemaker. In short, this coffeemaker is straightforward.

Whipping up a fresh pot of coffee is as easy as opening the circular water tank lid, decanting a portion of water, then adding coffee grounds into the brew basket and positioning it over the thermal carafe. The final step is to push that switch. Now you can sit back and relax while you wait for your cup of Joe. Additionally, it has the ability to automatically preinfuse its coffee grounds with water before the full-blown brewing cycle. You kick the machine into preinfuse mode by holding down the on-off switch for 5 seconds. The switch’s red light will then flash alerting you that this function is active. What does this exactly do? The manufacturer says that preinfusing your coffee grounds will help round out overly acidic or other less pleasant flavors from freshly roasted coffee beans.

Bottom line: This coffeemaker is money well spent.

Best Premium Coffeemaker

The Bunn My Cafe MCU is a versatile single-serve coffeemaker that fits any home. t. Its clever design can adapt to pretty much any coffee-making situation, from K-Cups to fresh ground beans and everything in between. Looking at it, you may think it is too industrially designed, but in terms of sturdiness and usability, you won’t have any second thoughts about this appliance. Making coffee out of it is pretty simple. The machine only takes a minute or two to heat up after you first plug it in, and from there, brewing your beverage is as easy as pushing a button.

Its simplicity translates to how it does its job as well. There are just two buttons: the brew button, and a “pulse” button that you press if you want it to brew your drink in slow, controlled bursts to increase the steep time and strengthen the flavor. When it’s ready to go, its one light will change from red to green. Additionally, this coffeemaker uses an internal hot-water tank to heat the fresh water needed for your beverage. Cleaning it is pretty painless as well. Its metal base wipes clean in seconds and lifts easily out of the way, revealing a removable drip tray that you’ll need to empty out every now and then. The drip tray and all four of the machine’s drawers are top-rack dishwasher-safe. You can also remove the sprayhead that releases water into the drawer, if it needs cleaning. The manufacturer recommends deep cleaning the brewer every three months to flush out any minerals that may have accumulated over.

Bottom line: This is the best coffeemaker for a single person who wants her dose of coffee every morning.

Best Coffeemaker for the Money

The KRUPS KM9008 Cup-on-Request is one of the most feature-rich automatic drip coffeemakers on the market. It’s most compelling feature however, is its ability to dispense a cup of coffee at the touch of a button. It has the convenience of a single serve coffee maker, without the sub-par results in coffee quality.

The coffee brewed with this machine stay at the high temperatures necessary to successfully brew a good cup of coffee. Moreover, its keeps the resulting coffee coffee brewed with this machine stay at the high temperatures necessary to successfully brew a good cup of coffee. Finally, it features a compact build designed for convenient storage.

Best High-End Coffeemaker

What we love about the Breville 800ESXL is how modern and sleek it  looks. It is definitely gorgeous on the counter! But that’s not the only thing that it can offer. Since it constructed from die-cast metal, expect its excellent durability that will make it last you for years. It also has a selector for espresso, steam, or hot water.

The purge function of this coffeemaker comes handy as well for the unit automatically adjust the water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature, which, in turn, produces a cup of great epresso. The great taste can also be attributed to the fact that this machine is built with a triple prime pump. This technology allows the release of three bursts of hot water to moisten the ground coffee resulting in greater build-up to extract the fullest flavor. It is indeed a value for money.

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