Best Auto-Drip Coffeemakers On the Market

coffee-1117933_640The most common type of coffee maker is the automatic drip coffee machine, and you would often see it at alsmot every home and in most offices. What makes auto-drip coffeemakers a top choice is the speed and convenience of brewing a pot of drip coffee.

Auto-drip coffeemakers tend to be the more affordable option as well. They usually come with a glass carafe, but you can opt for more durable and insulating stainless steel or thermal carafe. But whatever your choice is, you know that coffeemaker is only half of what makes a great coffee. Think of the beans as well. If you have the right kind of beans and the right kind of auto-drip coffeemaker, which we have some suggestions below, then you’re likely to get a good sit-down with a cup in hand.

Best High-End Auto-Drip Coffeemaker

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT741 is one expensive coffeemaker, and this is understandable: it is is only one of the rare handmade coffeemakers out there. It is hand-built in the Netherlands. But that isn’t the only reason why you would trust this coffeemaker. As a matter of fact, This brewer is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). To simply put it, it is an award-winning coffee machine!

Here are other reasons why you should buy this coffeemaker:

  • Stainless steel thermal carafe with both a brew-thru-lid and a travel lid.
  • Cone-shaped, auto drip-stop brew-basket is designed for optimal coffee-water contact time
  • Precise coffee-water saturation time for a full brew-cycle in just 4-6 minutes.
  • Clear water reservoir allows for brew process viewing.
  • The brewer housing is of high-quality durable metal, available in varied finishes.
  • Includes a 5-year Limited Warranty with a repair service center in the USA.

If its superior functions and sturdy and attractive design can’t convince you enough to get this coffeemaker, you’d be satisfied with its ability to make consistent, great-tasting coffee every single time.

Best Rated Auto-Drip Coffeemaker

The Bonavita BV1900TS is yet another SCAA-certified coffee machine on the list. But there’s so much more to love about it. For one, it really does brew great-tasting coffee. It is also rightly priced, thanks to the bunch of features that give it more value than the competition.

In terms of its build quality, it doesn’t disappoint at all. side from the carafe lid, filter basket, and water reservoir, this coffee maker is pretty much all stainless steel. Both SCAA certified and BPA free, the BV1900 gets the highest marks in terms of quality for an auto drip coffeemaker. Additionally, it is not difficult to use at all. It has a very clear manual that you only need to read it once to know what you are doing with it. Finally, Bonavita has incredible customer service and their products are backed by strong warranties that when it comes to durability, you sure can forget about worrying.

Best Auto-Drip Coffeemaker for the Money

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT makes great cofee and is equipped with helpful features for an affordable price. It is built with a heating plate that can sense the difference between glass and thermal carafes and self-adjust accordingly. It is also your choice whether you’re going to get a thermal or a glass carafe. This is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker, which means you can prepare the grounds and water the night before, set the clock and then wake up to a tasty pot of coffee.

Just like the Cuisinart coffee brewer above, the Mr. Coffee is equipped with a pause brew function. It also has a water filter that is intended to remove chlorine taste from tap water is available to ensure that your coffee does not end up tasting or smelling different or even disgusting. It reduces the chlorine in the water by as much as 97 percent, but you can opt not to use tap water at all. Moreover, you have a choice whether to use paper filter or the permanent filter that goes with the machine. Note, though, that this coffee brewer is a little big, so you will need some room on your countertop.

Best Auto-Drip Coffeemaker on the Market

The Melitta 146894 is a programmable coffeemaker that can take the job at night, so you could wake up with the smell of coffee the next morning. You can set the built-in clock to make the machine start brewing at a particular time. However, in case you cannot wait to sample the brew in the morning, this automatic drip coffee machine offers the pause and serve function that lets you quickly grab a cup before the device starts brewing the entire pot again.

There are three choices of coffee strength you can opt from, namely: regular, bold or robust, which works nicely for nearly any coffee connoisseur. Additionally, it has a cone-shaped basket design, which concentrates the water and the grounds deeply and compresses them for quite a while, allowing gravity to press the hot water down onto the grounds. This creates a richer flavor than you get with many coffeemakers, since it extracts more of the great characteristics from the coffee grounds. Moreover, there is a water-level indicator on the right-hand side of the device so you can see how much water is inside and if you need to add more. In addition, you get an automatic shut-off capability that saves the day if you forget to turn it off.

Another great thing about this machine is that you get plenty of choices with it. You can opt for a metal mesh permanent coffee filter or a paper filter. Melitta sells filters, including the unbleached variety, which uses the paper filter brewing method without giving the coffee any odd taste from the paper itself. Finally, this coffee machine is sturdy and attractive kitchen appliance, sporting a tidy brushed stainless steel exterior. The double-lined thermal carafe is designed to keep coffee hot without continuing to cook it over a hot plate and risking it tasting bitter. When you buy this coffeemaker, you get a one-year warranty, which is not much but is enough to assure you that it is built to survive the test of time.

Best Rated Gas Grills for Under $500

foodIf you have a huge amount of money to splurge on a grill, selecting a model to take home can be easy. However, if you are tight on budget, you would need a lot of research to get one that could really satisfy your grilling needs. With the plethora of models to choose from in the $500 price range, it can also be tricky. Let’s start, though, with one consideration: check out grills that use gas.

Why gas, you may ask. Arguably the most practical reason why choose gas is convenience. It’s so easy to use: just turn a couple of knobs and you’re ready to cook. But watch out for manufacturers who say misleading numbers and features. Size also matters, so make sure that you know where to put the grill once it gets home. This is to have an estimate on how big or small your actual grill is gonna be. Moreover, remember that two-zone cooking s an essential technique for good grilling. So you may want to get at least two burners.

Without further ado, then, here are a few suggested models.

Best Rated 4-Burner Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner N480 Gas Grill heats extremely fast even in winter cold conditions! And it is a nice-looking grill with four swivel casters that can lock into place or unlock to allow you to reposition it. This four-burner gas grill can cook up to 24 burgers at a time, and the warming tray will accommodate eight buns at once. The flush side burner allows extra space for both a cooking area and a side storage shelf when the burner isn’t in use. There is an additional side shelf, along with a built-in temperature gauge to help you monitor whatever you are cooking.

Construction is satisfactory. The cooking grates are porcelain coated, which helps prevent rust and wear along the outside of the grill, while keeping food from sticking to the grids. The lid, control panel, and knobs are made from stainless steel. The whole grill weighs in at 116 pounds and stands 46.5 inches tall. Finally, its burners are covered by a five-year warranty, and the grill itself comes with a one-year parts warranty.

Best Rated Large Gas Grill

Family gatherings definitely need bigger cooking gears, and the Dyna-Glo 5-Burner DGE530BSP-D can handle exactly that. It is a solidly built grill, assuring you longevity of use for the years to come. Moreover, it does not only do the job a grill is intended to do but also offers a few nice extras. It has a spacious 530 square inches of primary cooking area that can fit 24 burgers and a warming tray that can hold up to eight buns.

This Dyna-Glo grill cooked nicely overall, though it retained heat best in the middle and not as much on the sides, which was true of several of gas grill at this price range. But what’s great about it is its propane tank pull-out feature that makes it easy to set up and dismount the propane tank when it’s time to refuel. Additionally, it is equipped with a side burner that is great for cooking up stir-fried vegetables. You can also purchase rotisserie accessories separately. The warranty on the burner is five years, and the parts warranty lasts for one year.

Best Rated Gas Grill for the Money

The Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 features a control panel on its front, making it easily acccessible. It is also equipped with two stainless steel tables fold down to allow for maneuverability and easy storage. This is a great feature for those who have small patios, decks or balconies. While compact, the grill is also roomy enough to cook a 20-pound turkey or roast meats and vegetables at the same time. Additionally, its cooking grates are porcelain-enameled cast iron, which offer superior heat retention and quick clean up, and the porcelain-enameled shroud will not fade, peel or rust. That makes this grill look like new even when you’ve been using it for several years already.

An Electronic Crossover ignition system lights the two burners with just one touch of the igniter button, and an easy-to-read fuel gauge lets you know where you stand on fuel at all times. Other highlights include six tool hooks, two heavy-duty front-locking casters, and two heavy-duty back swivel casters. Finally, its two stainless steel burners put out 26,500 BTU-per-hour.

Best Rated Affordable Compact Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Classic 280, like any other gas grills out there, heats up fast. But what sets it apart from the crowd is the fact that it is compact enough for you to let it sit on your porch, especially when you have a small space for one. While it’s compact, it makes good use of space. In fact, it has an unusual amount of depth for a small grill. It can fit fit 16 hamburger patties on its primary cooking surface, while its warming tray can fit up to six buns.

It doesn’t hurt that it looks good, too. The burner has a generous 10-year warranty to back it up. Moreover, it heats to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in under two minutes. Overall, it cooks effectively and is a more affordable choice than the majority of cast-iron grills on the market.

Best Large Premium Gas Grills to Buy

barbecue-932248_640If you have the money to splurge on a grill, you definitely need to check out those that are at the high-end side. They have extra features and better construction than the ones with lower prices. These gas grills are made by some of the best companies in the industry and are made to professional specifications. You should also expect years of excellent services from these companies.

When you’re looking fora gas grill that costs more than a couple of a thousand dollars, you need to always remember that you are putting down a lot of money. So, you should only get the best features and the most durable materials. When looking at the kinds of features that you can get keep in mind that the more complicated a gas grill becomes the more likely it is that something might go wrong. At this price range, you can get some pretty wild accessories ranging from in grill stereos to remote-controlled, electrically powered hoods. But always go for the ones that you really need.

Here are a few suggestions you can check out:

Best Gas Grill for Outdoor Parties

The Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS) 48″ Professional Outdoor Gas Grill is truly a beautiful looking piece of kitchen equipment that fits any indoor or outdoor kitchen design. After all, it came from a company that is known to be one of the makers of some of the best professional cooking equipment in the world. This particular grill s the largest of their grills and comes either as a full grill or split with two 17,000 BTU side burners on cart. The superior design of the U-shaped ported stainless steel burners give maximum heat output at relatively low number of BTUs. Its 861 square inches of total cooking space is heated by three or four 25,000 BTU burners. You lose a burner and cooking space if you choose the side burner configuration, though.

Another great feature of this grill is that the ontrol valves are highly adjustable, giving you a great range of heat control. The extra thick 304-type stainless steel provides not only a beautiful finish but great heat retention and insulation as well. Finally, this grill is available in propane and natural gas.

Best Gas Grill for the Money

The Fire Magic Aurora A540s Natural Gas Grill has a quality construction that is worth all the money. It boasts three 20,000 BTU cast stainless burners are E-type, which means that each puts out four rows of fire. Combined, this grill has 12 rows of burner ports under a 30-inch wide cooking area. Thanks to this kind of design, there’s even and intense all across the cooking surface.

In addition, this grill offers all the standard features you would want from a good gas grill. The 15,000 BTU side burner is powerful and placed in a strong side table under a flush mounted cover. It also comes with a full, high-quality stainless steel rotisserie kit. There are other extras as well, including infrared main burner options. This unit can be purchased propane or natural gas, standalone or as an insert grill. Finally, it is warranted for a lifetime — that is how long it can last.

Best High-Quality Gas Grill

The TEC Sterling G3000FR Infrared is one of the ultimate gas grills that allow you to multitask. It boasts a glass infrared technology that lets you to cook at temperatures that most grills can only dream of. It is topped by a piece of blue ceramic glass that filters the heat, emitting only pure infrared energy. This process allows this grill to generate tremendous heat with far less fuel. Here are some of its amazing features:

  • 573 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 768 including the side burners.
  • The main burners has a maximum output of 48,000 BTU.
  • It is constructed from complete 304 stainless steel.
  • All parts that come in contact with the food are removable for easy cleaning.
  • You can convert it between natural gas and propane gas if you opt for the additional equipment.

Best High-End Gas Grills on the Market

barbecue-933002_640If you are looking for a new gas grill, chance is that you want to get the most out of the money you’re going to pay for it. There are a lot of offerings on the market, and it can be tricky to pick just one. The first way to narrow down your choices is to set a budget, even when you are aiming for the expensive ones. Once you know your budget, you can then list down the features you would want your grill to have.

The gas grills below belong to the expensive side of the spectrum. Many of them are sold with a wide range of extra options, and that what sets them apart from other grills. Just remember: don’t get less than what you are willing and able to pay for. Make your every penny worth it.

Best Rated High-End Gas Grill

The Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon E1060S is one of the most elaborate gas grills on the market. At such an expensive price tag, it does come so beautiful in either indoor or outdoor kitchen. It’s flashy and loaded with high-end features. And this particular model is intended to accommodate large families and parties. It has over 1,000 square inches of primary grilling space and seven burners under the hood. There’s also the side burner unit that comes in a number of configurations. The construction of this gas grill is solid 304 stainless steel with all welded seams and a high degree of attention to detail is evident even from afar.

This gas grill has a maximum output of 120,000 BTUs. It has some impressive features worth mentioning as well. For one, it uses an ignition that Fire Magic wants to call hot surface ignition, in which tiny electric heat elements ignite the gas the second you turn the knob and make sure that the burners stay lit. Moreover, while most gas grills find it difficult to reach searing temperatures without turning all the burners at the same time, the E1060S is different. Because of its divided cooking chamber, you can reach the perfect searing temperature even when you’re only using one of its burners.

The E1060S comes with a hood mounted window option so you can watch food cooking without lifting the lid. This high temperature glass allows you to look inside the grill. Finally, what really makes this grill stand out is its construction, which is among the best yet in the industry.

Best Gas Grill on the Market

The Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series 42 is one of the best-designed grills on the market. Its classic styling is sure to turn heads and make a kitchen more sophisticated than ever. But it isn’t all about the looks. For starter, it ses high-temperature ceramic briquettes as a barrier to distribute heat and burn off grease. Moreover, its high-quality 304 stainless steel is seamlessly welded together to keep heat in and the elements out. This is what makes this unit as durable as possible, so expect no discoloration or deterioration anytime soon.

This 42-inch wide gas grill is a monster with 800 square inches and three 25,000 BTU burners. Such space and burner options give you a wide range of grilling tasks, which come in really handy when you’re serving a big family or a large party crowd. This unit also comes with a full function, two position rotisserie system that lets you control the distance to the burner.

Its stainless steel hexagonal cooking grates maximize contact between metal and meat, giving you much closer restaurant-style searing marks. These heavy-duty cooking grates are unique to the industry and heavy enough to hold a lot of heat. This makes this grill one of the best cooking systems in the world.

Best Gas Grill for a Big Crowd

The Capital CG40RFSL Precision Series is the true definition of innovation in the grilling equipment industry. It combines power and function with technology and design. This unit has a distinctive styling built on the foundation of excellent construction. And it isn’t disappointing to look at, whether you’ll be building it inside your kitchen or outdoors.

The cooking system of this grill doesn’t disappoint at all, thanks to the tremendous power that it is capable of. While the burners are pretty standard tubular stainless steel, the heavy stainless steel cooking grates give you fantastic heat transfer. More so, these grates are reversible and can be set at an angle to drain grease away from the burners. The high heat output of the burners combined with a finely adjustable infrared sear burner means you can sear steaks while grilling delicate fish fillets. This particular model is mounted on a cart with a great deal of storage space including two drawers. Finally, as it comes with expensive gas grills, this one provides a variety of mounting options and with several accessories.

Best Rated Electric Grills on the Market

grill-1340231_640While some of us love their grills that either use gas or pellets, there are others who want the convenience of electric-powered ones. Electric grills basically use hot coils to generate heat, and they are often made from nickel and chromium called nichrome. How do they work exactly? When a current is passed through it the nichrome resist the flow, gets hot, and glows.

What do you look for when buying one? Here are some features you need to consider:

  • Easy Start. It doesn’t make sense that the grill is an electric one if it doesn’t start fast after you plug it in. It must be up to the right temperature after five minutes or so after you throw the switch on.
  • Temperature Control. Electric grills must come with a turn dial that lets you control the temperature. If you want to up the drill, you can pay more for one that is built with actual thermostats wih temperature settings.
  • Size. This depends on your kitchen space and how large you would want your grill to be. But, generally, electric grills are small enough to fit on tiny balconies and porches.

With these in mind, here are a few electric grills you may want to check out.

Best Rated Electric Grill for the Money

The Fire Magic E250s Electric Grill On Patio Post is a reliable grill constructed from high-quality stainless steel that has the appealing look of contemporary styling. It has a rich set of features you will surely appreciate, which includes the following:

  • Heat Capability. This grill can reach a temperature of up to 725 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it has a triple wall insulated body and double wall lid for maximum heat concentration.
  • Cooking Temperature that includes precision thermostatic control system. This technology helps keep the internal temperature within 20 degrees of the desired setting. It also includes a meat probe that allows you to  monitor the internal temperature of your food. It has an alarm as well that sounds when the desired temperature is reached.
  • Easy Cleanup. This is thanks to its removable warming rack and dripping tray. Its heating element tilts up, too, for making cleaning a real breeze.
  • Warranty. It comes with a 10-year warranty for its  stainless steel grid and housing. All of its parts, except for the ignition and electronic components, are warrantied for three years. Ignition systems (except batteries) and electronic components, including lights and thermometers, are warranted for a year.

Best Rated Electric BBQ Grill

The Meco 9325 Electric BBQ Grill features a thermostat control with a low-medium-high setting. It is also built with a sturdy cart with wire lower-shelf used for extra storage. But here’s another added feature that we love: the two handy, fold-away wooden side tables that come in really helpful when you’re grilling a lot of foods.

Additionally, this grill is constructed with three-element positions, including vertical for indirect rotisserie cooking. It has a reflector pan as well that directs heat to the cooking surface and a pre-assembled hood and bowl. This Meco electric grill has a 200 square inches of usable cooking surface. Finally, the grill is warranted against defects for 90 days from your date of purchase and one year for its electrical parts.

Best Rated Portable Electric Grill

The Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill is the perfect grill for people in the city, thanks to its portability.  It offers 189 square inches of cooking space to create the grilled foods you love, without the need for propane tanks or charcoal. It is also the ideal companion for tailgating and camping.

This 1560 watt/120 volt Weber outdoor electric grill features infinite heat control settings on one easy-to-use knob and a porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate. It also has a cast aluminum lid and body with a sturdy glass-reinforced nylon frame and handles. Additionally, it is built with aluminum heat retention liners to keep heat from escaping and to help spread the heat evenly across the grill surface. A 6-foot grounded cord and removable grease catch pan are included as well. Finally, the aluminum castings, lid assembly and stainless steel burners are warranted for a period of five years, with two years on paint excluding fading or discoloration. The stainless steel burners, plastic components and porcelain-enamel cast iron cooking grates are warranted for five years as well. All other remaining parts are warranted for two years.

Best Slow Cookers for Under $50

71nUxRTnOQL._SL1000_Slow cookers have been saving a lot of home cooks since it was first introduced in the market. That is no surprise at all. When using a slow cooker, delicious meals practically cook themselves while you are free to tackle other tasks.

If you want to join the slow-cooker movement in the kitchen or need to replace an old one, there are things you need to think about first before shopping. One of these is the crock construction. Ceramic and porcelain are the popular options out there, and there’s metal as well. They all do a good job of conducting heat, so it’s really up to your preferences. What’s important with the crock, however, is that it’s removable for easy cleaning.

Lid material and shape are factors to consider as well. When using a slow cooker, you want to avoid opening the lid, since that lets out precious heat and extends cooking time. Slow cookers with glass lids — so you can see what’s going on inside without taking the lid off — are better options. When it comes to shape, on the other hand, it should depend on what you want to frequently cook. With all these in mind, here are a few of the best slow cookers on the market.

Best Rated Slow Cooker

The Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS is one of the most advanced slow cookers on the market; it boasts touchscreen controls for programming timers. The basic functionality of this feature is that you can set the countdown timer anywhere between 30 minutes and 24 hours of cooking time. And since it has a large capacity with its big footprint of 16.5 x 12.2 inches, it is the perfect kitchen companion for large families and gatherings.

What’s great about this cooker is that you don’t need to slave over it. You can leave it alone and let it do the rest of the work. Just set the time, and when he countdown display reaches zero the cooking will stop and the cooker will transition from High to Warm in order to keep the food warm and not let it over cook or go cold. The Keep Warm mode stays on for up to six hours before the cooker shuts down. A counter displays how long the food has been in the warm cycle and will display up to six hours in one minute increments.

Best Slow Cooker for the Money

The Black & Decker SC2007D is undeniably a beauty to look at. But it is more than just good looks. This seven-quart slow cooker is designed to cook delicious roasts, soups, chili, and so much more. Just  put all the ingredients in the 7-quart stoneware pot and let the low, constant heat go to work.

This slow cooker features three heat settings that allow you to  to find the best temperature for your schedule—low for 8-9 hours of cooking, high for 3-4 hours, and warm for keeping food at the ideal serving temperature. Cleanup is also made easy with this appliance. The stoneware pot and tempered glass lid are both dishwasher-safe.

Best Inexpensive Slow Cooker

The Hamilton Beach 33473 is sized just right for feeding a crowd, satisfying the appetite of a large family, and saving leftovers for lunch. It is outfitted with oval-shaped stoneware that’s ideal for cooking a whole chicken or roast to tender perfection.

This slow cooker is also designed for spill-resistant travel, thanks to a clip-down lid or Lid Latch strap. Taking it along with you  is easy and cleanup is always trouble-free. This is because it features a dishwasher safe stoneware insert and glass lid. Moreover, it offers five time settings, including  2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours of cooking time. Finally, it boasts a wraparound element for even heating.

Best Slow Cookers That Money Can Buy

pork-1329681_640There’s something magical about cooking your own food. Well, that’s how it feels for those who love cooking. There’s something special when you see your family and friends enjoy a meal you have prepared for them. But cooking may become really frustrating when you have to be spending so much time in the kitchen just to prepare for every meal. Thanks to slow cookers, this could actually change.

Slow cooking, as its name suggests, takes the time to cook ingredients by taking low heat and moisture really well in order to create delicious culinary gourmet. All you have to do is throw in all the ingredients into the cooker, go to work for hours and come back to a sumptuous meal. So, if you’ve decided to buy your own slow cooker but can’t yet decide which one to spend your money for, here are a few suggestions.

Best Premium Slow Cooker

The Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central is a versatile slow cooker that features one-touch switches modes when you need to do combination cooking. It boasts three fully programmable cooking functions: saute, brown and slow cook. Combination cooking, as mentione earlier, is when you need to saute your ingredients, you can do it so directly in the cooker and simply switch to the slow cook function. The Cook Central also comes in handy when you have to prep any aspect of your favorite dish. Select the steam function to prepare stuffed artichokes to start a gourmet meal or to create a healthful vegetable medley side dish. The Cook Central can even do dessert.

The unit coems with a booklet, and with the numerous recipes to choose from, you’ll never run out of meal ideas. The Cook Central features Cuisinart’s brushed stainless steel housing and a 6-quart nonstick cooking pot. Once your meal is ready, the unit will automatically shift to Keep Warm mode so your meal is ready when you are. Serving your dish is easy — all you need to do is lift the pot out and take it to the table. When it comes to cleaning up, the dishwasher safe will do the job for you.

Best -Rated Slow Cooker

The Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS is one of the most advanced slow cookers today with its touchscreen feature. It also has a 6.5-quart stoneware bowl and a timer that lets you program up to 20 hours of cooking time. This comes really handy especially when you don’t have enough time to prepare for a hearty meal. You can just prepare everything the night before — add all the ingredients  into the stoneware insert, set it into the heating base, secure the lid, turn it on, and set the programmable timer. You’ll wake up the next day with satisfying breakfast meal. Its touchscreen control panel makes programming practically foolproof. Fingertip touch controls include Low, High, and Warm cook settings, as well as Time Up or Time Down options for setting the cooking time. Its digitally displayed timer counts down the cooking time remaining, and the unit automatically shifts over to a convenient keep-warm mode at the end of the cooking time, which allows food to remain at an ideal serving temperature without over-cooking. The digital timer also keeps track of time spent in keep-warm mode, counting up in one-minute increments for up to six hours before shutting off automatically.

Addditionally, this oval-shaped cooker boasts a seamless, beautifully polished, stainless-steal exterior that adds a touch of modern elegance to any kitchen. It also comes with stylish metal side handles wrapped in silicone to help ensure a secure, comfortable grip when transporting from the kitchen to the table or buffet and back again. Finally, the removable stoneware and glass lid move easily to the table for use as a lidded server, to the refrigerator for storing leftovers, and into the dishwasher for quick cleanup between uses. The stoneware can also go in an oven (but not the broiler) or microwave for added versatility.

Best Slow Cooker for Large Family

The West Bend 84905 is a multi-function cooking appliance. Aside from its main function, which is to slowly cook meals, it can also be used as a griddle as the cooking container sits upon a separate heating element. The advantage of this is that food can be cooked much quicker if required.

The West Bend slowe cooker has five individual power/temperature settings that cover the whole cooking range. You can brown/sauté on setting 5, then cook on setting 3-4. Slow cooking can be accomplished on setting 2 or 3 as they correspond to the more traditional settings of low and high, respectively. Moreover, you can simply place the container directly onto the stove to brown and sauté before placing it onto the heating base for slow cooking. Its glass top allows for easy monitoring without you having to interrupt the cooking process.The cooker measures 8.75 x 7.25 x 12.75 inches, so it takes up little space on the kitchen top.

Best Inexpensive Slow Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget 33969 is the perfect companion if you have a large family to feed at the dinner table or you do receive guests in your home often. It can hold a 6 pound chicken or a 4 pound cut of meat. With this size, you’d be able to serve at least five people generously.

The outside base of the unit is made of  stainless steel and comes with a black removable stoneware insert, which can be lifted out from the base and brought to your table to be used as a serving dish, in case you don’t want to add another dish in the dishwasher pile. Moreover, the lip tight gasket lid reduces messy spills while full grip handles allow you to transport heavy meals easily.

There are three cooking modes you can choose from: program (set cooking time), meat probe (cooks meat to desired internal temperature), and manual. And yet the best feature about this slow cooker is this:  you can change the temperature during the cooking cycle without the need to reset the cooking time. The freedom to choose which mode will work best for what you’re cooking allows you and the slow cooker to better accommodate what’s on your menu and your time schedule.

Best Automatic Drip Coffeemakers Money Can Buy

coffee-206142_640Automatic drip coffeemaker is the most common type of coffee machine. You would usually find one in an American household or workplace. It is the most preferred type because of its speed and convenience in brewing coffee. In mere minutes, coffee could be dripping to your cup. Its automatic features are attractive to busy people, allowing them to multitask while they wait for their cup fo Joe.

Most automatic drip coffeemakers are reasonably priced. In fact, some models even come with a price tag that is less than $50. You’ve got three choices of carafe: glass, insulating stainless steel and thermal carafe. But when searching for your own drip coffeemaker, price should not only be your deciding factor. quality should always be on the top of your list. With this said, check out our list below. These coffeemakers have received consistently high ratings from many consumers.

Best Rated Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

The Bonavita BV1800 may have come from a relatively new company, but that doesn’t mean it is not reputable. On  the contrary, Bonavita has been winning awards for its innovative yet affordable lineup of coffeemakers including the BV1800. For one, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) recognizes the brand as a Certified Brewing Equipment Company. SCAA is known for its high standards when it comes to testing coffee equipment manufacturers that only a few have received the aforementioned certification. Despite the lack of any fancy features on the BV1800, this automatic drip coffeemaker can give you eight cups of delicious, perfectly brewed coffee.

This coffeemaker from Bonavita is built to last long, thanks to the high-quality materials that had been used in its construction. It also has a small footprint, making it ideal to be placed on a kitchen countertop even when you have a small apartment. Finally, it has a clear water reservoir that makes it easy to see through it if it is still full or already needs refilling.

Best Large-Capacity Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central is a 12-cup automatic drip coffeemaker that is perfect for an office or a home that caters to a large family who loves coffee anytime of the day. Why trust this coffeemaker? That’s not really hard to answer; this one is made by one of the trusted brands on the market — Cuisinart. This company was founded in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer who was inspired by food processing appliances that he saw in France. This Brew Central model is just one of the many offerings by the company that have been well-received by consumers.

The DCC-2650 is the successor of the DCC-2600. It feautres a glass carafe that keeps your coffee hot for hours. Additional features include a pause-function that lets you stop brewing to pur some coffee in your cup and resume the process after. You also get a brew selector that will let you choose the strength of your coffee. It is designed with a 24-hour time for automatic brewing, which gives you the convenience of setting it in the evening and letting you wake up with the aroma of coffee the next morning. Finally, this coffee machine has a self-cleaning cycle.

Best High-End Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT 741 is one of the rare coffee machines that are made by hand. It is then no wonder that it is a little more expensive than the rest of the machines in this list. It has been hand-built in the Netherlands and is backed by a five-year warranty. It is certified by both SCAA and Spcialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe (SCAE). If you have the money to splurge on a high-end coffeemaker, this is one model you have to consider. It is not only sturdy and designed with appeal but also with great features and functions.

For starter, it features a 1.25-liter stainless steel thermal carafe that can hold up to approximately 10 cups of coffee. Its carafe comes with a brew-through lid. This means that it sits in place while the coffee will be brewing through an outlet found in the lid and the care will be filled up simultaneously. The brewing housing itself is constructed from high-quality metal, ensuring its durability and longevity. It also makes it easy to clean. Technivorm has incorporated what they call precise coffee-water saturation time. This function allows four to six minutes to completely brew freshly ground coffee. Additionally, this drip coffeemaker includes a manual adjust drip-stop brew basket that lets you stop the brewing to fill up your cup. A copper boiling element has been designed into this coffee machine as well. This controls the brewing temperature between 196 and 205 degrees Fahreinheit. There are a lot more that you can get from this expensive machien that won’t make you regret paying for.

Best Inexpensive Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

The Hamilton Beach 49980Z Single Serve Coffee 2-Way Brewer is one of the most versatile coffee machines available today. It lets you brew for a single person or for a small group of people with its two-way brewer. The pot can actually hold up to 12 cups of Joe! On the other hand, the single-serve cup is perfect for a cup of coffee for breakfast or for a full-size travel mug when you just don’t have the time to sit down. This coffeemaker also offers a few brewing options, which will cater to your different tastes and needs. There is a strength selector that can produce from regular to strong coffee.

Its front control panel is where you’ll find its wide array of functions, including hour and minute buttons that let you schedule the brewing time. You can set it up in the evening and wake up to it the next morning. There’s a two-hour automatic shutoff as well for keeping your carafe warm. Overall, this is a quality coffeemaker that is reasonably priced and delivers ggreat value for your money. It is also fancy looking, making it a good addition to a modern and stylish kitchen countertop. You won’t regret having it displayed on your kitchen at all.

Best Coffeemakers Money Can Buy

coffee_rotatorFor many people, coffee is fuel that drives them to survive the day. In fact, a cup may not be even enough, and mornings aren’t the only time to sip one.

While the quality of your coffee relies heavily on the quality of the coffee beans, a coffeemaker does play a role in how good your coffee is as well. And if you’re one of those who want to own one, you may be left scratching your head as you go through the very wide selection of coffee machines. To prevent the migraine, we help you narrow down your choices into just four coffeemakers. Check them out below.

Best Rated Coffeemaker on the Market

The Bonavita BV1900TS is the one coffeemaker you’d really want to add to your wishlist, and it is not hard to enumerate the reasons. Ever since it was released on the market, it has won the hearts of many coffee lovers. Although at first glance you may get the impression that this appliance won’t do much, it will prove you wrong once you start using it. Sure, it doesn’t have mmuch whistles on it like LCD panels and blinking LED-lit buttons. In fact, it is only equipped with just one button — its on-and-off switch. Its appearance is also very industrial looking, which would probably make it a little dull-looking on the countertop. But its usability can top even the expensive-looking coffeemaker. In short, this coffeemaker is straightforward.

Whipping up a fresh pot of coffee is as easy as opening the circular water tank lid, decanting a portion of water, then adding coffee grounds into the brew basket and positioning it over the thermal carafe. The final step is to push that switch. Now you can sit back and relax while you wait for your cup of Joe. Additionally, it has the ability to automatically preinfuse its coffee grounds with water before the full-blown brewing cycle. You kick the machine into preinfuse mode by holding down the on-off switch for 5 seconds. The switch’s red light will then flash alerting you that this function is active. What does this exactly do? The manufacturer says that preinfusing your coffee grounds will help round out overly acidic or other less pleasant flavors from freshly roasted coffee beans.

Bottom line: This coffeemaker is money well spent.

Best Premium Coffeemaker

The Bunn My Cafe MCU is a versatile single-serve coffeemaker that fits any home. t. Its clever design can adapt to pretty much any coffee-making situation, from K-Cups to fresh ground beans and everything in between. Looking at it, you may think it is too industrially designed, but in terms of sturdiness and usability, you won’t have any second thoughts about this appliance. Making coffee out of it is pretty simple. The machine only takes a minute or two to heat up after you first plug it in, and from there, brewing your beverage is as easy as pushing a button.

Its simplicity translates to how it does its job as well. There are just two buttons: the brew button, and a “pulse” button that you press if you want it to brew your drink in slow, controlled bursts to increase the steep time and strengthen the flavor. When it’s ready to go, its one light will change from red to green. Additionally, this coffeemaker uses an internal hot-water tank to heat the fresh water needed for your beverage. Cleaning it is pretty painless as well. Its metal base wipes clean in seconds and lifts easily out of the way, revealing a removable drip tray that you’ll need to empty out every now and then. The drip tray and all four of the machine’s drawers are top-rack dishwasher-safe. You can also remove the sprayhead that releases water into the drawer, if it needs cleaning. The manufacturer recommends deep cleaning the brewer every three months to flush out any minerals that may have accumulated over.

Bottom line: This is the best coffeemaker for a single person who wants her dose of coffee every morning.

Best Coffeemaker for the Money

The KRUPS KM9008 Cup-on-Request is one of the most feature-rich automatic drip coffeemakers on the market. It’s most compelling feature however, is its ability to dispense a cup of coffee at the touch of a button. It has the convenience of a single serve coffee maker, without the sub-par results in coffee quality.

The coffee brewed with this machine stay at the high temperatures necessary to successfully brew a good cup of coffee. Moreover, its keeps the resulting coffee coffee brewed with this machine stay at the high temperatures necessary to successfully brew a good cup of coffee. Finally, it features a compact build designed for convenient storage.

Best High-End Coffeemaker

What we love about the Breville 800ESXL is how modern and sleek it  looks. It is definitely gorgeous on the counter! But that’s not the only thing that it can offer. Since it constructed from die-cast metal, expect its excellent durability that will make it last you for years. It also has a selector for espresso, steam, or hot water.

The purge function of this coffeemaker comes handy as well for the unit automatically adjust the water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature, which, in turn, produces a cup of great epresso. The great taste can also be attributed to the fact that this machine is built with a triple prime pump. This technology allows the release of three bursts of hot water to moisten the ground coffee resulting in greater build-up to extract the fullest flavor. It is indeed a value for money.

Top-Rated Coffeemakers Money Can Buy

560a972ba232c.imageCoffee has become one of the best accessories in the fashion world. A cup in your hand never gets out of style whatever the season is. But this addictive beverage is more than just a fashion accessory; it actually becomes an extension of our self. It signals one’s own taste and aesthetics. It all its variations, there’s is that one that defines your style.

But coffee isn’t all about the fasion. It’s the happiness that comes with every sip as well. Let’s be honest, no matter how bad our day was, if we wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee the next day, we somehow feel relieved and alive again. If this is the effect you get from a cup of Joe, then you should own a coffeemaker. To narrow down your choices, we have a few recommendations below.

Top-Rated Coffeemaker on the Market

The DeLonghi DC514T is set apart from the rest of the competition for one tiny yet helpful feature: the aroma button. This allows the machine to dispense hot water that goes through the coffee grounds just a small amount at a time so the grounds are thoroughly soaked and the hot water extracts the fullest flavor possible. On other notes, this coffee machine has a glass carafe that keeps brewed coffee warm and as fresh as possible.

With the DeLonghi, you don’t need to worry about stale coffee, thanks to its freshness indicator that lights up every 15 minutes the first hour after you have brewed a pot so you know how long the coffee has been sitting on the warming plate. There’s a water filter and a walter-level indicator designed into it as well. In addition, it has built-in alert system that lets you know when minerals have already accummulated inside and it’s time to clean them up. You also do not get an audible alert once the brewing process is complete or any power backup. Finally, it comes with a one-year warranty and user guide.

Top-Rated Coffeemaker for the Money

The Cuisinart DTC-975BKN features an insulated carafe designed with an ingenious lid that prevents you any leak. The lid uses a ball-bearing mechanism that allows pouring when the lid is screwed shut. The insulated carafe allows a design that is free of any hot plate, which you typically need with a glass carafe. This prevents the bitter taste coffee sometimes gets from glass coffee pots sitting on heating plates for a given period of time. Additionally, this coffeemaker gives you the option to choose your filter, either the permanent mesh that comes with it or paper filters that you buy separately. If you select paper filters, it is easy to dispose of them, so cleaning is easy and the coffee can taste cleaner. You also have the option of a permanent gold mesh filter, which save money and are more environmentally sound.

The water-level indicator makes it easy to fill to the correct number of cups, and you can adjust the water and coffee levels to make fewer cups. Moreover, this coffeemaker has a built-in clock that is is fully programmable up to 24 hours in advance of the desired brew time. Once brewing begins, you can sneak a cup without spilling because of its brew pause feature. When brewing is complete, there is audible beeping to alert you. Finally, this appliance comes with a 3-year warranty.

Top-Rated High-End Coffeemaker

The Zojirushi Fresh Brew EC-BD15BA brews through an insulated basket so that the brewing process does not compromise temperature. This design helps it avoid the burnt taste that can result from glass carafes on top of warming plates. It is also equipped with a brew-pause feature, which lets you sneak a cup while the coffee is brewing. This is sometimes a necessity, especially in the mornings, when you don’t want to wait.

This coffeemaker comes with a programmable clock so you can set your desired time for it to start brewing. You can program it the night before and wake up to delicious and hot coffee each morning. Note, though, that this coffeemaker is designed to use paper filters only. You get a one-year warranty for it.

Top-Rated Inexpensive Coffeemaker

The Hamilton Beach Black Ice 12-Cup 43255R is one of the most attractive coffeemakers on the market. But it is more than just for show. It has features a coffee lover will surely appreciate. For starter, it comes with a glass carafe that keeps brewed coffee warm. It uses a permanent gold-tone coffee filter, which could save you money, since you will not be buying coffee filters. However, you can use paper filters as well. It also has a water filter in case you will be using tap water.

You also get an automatic shut-off function, which turns the coffee maker off after two hours, so you never need to worry about absentmindedly leaving the pot on a hot burner or coming home to stinky, burned debris at the bottom of your coffee pot or, worse, a house fire. Finally, the Hamilton Beach coffeemaker has a one-year warranty.